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Artists biography ANRI
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Prof. Karl Kuolt
Prof. Karl Kuolt was born on April 3rd, 1878 in Spaichingen, Germany. He was first student at the Munich school of art and then at the Munich Academy.Besides a large number of well known monuments and memorial chapels all over Southern Germany, he created countless smaller works . Our famouse crib figurines bearing his name are an example of his art. He died in Munich on November 8, 1937.
Ulrich Bernardi
Ulrich Bernardi was born in Ortisei 1925. Known for his designs of religious figures and cherubs, the native of the Groeden Valley, has made a life of modelling and designing. The spirit of his work is embodied in the European folklore. Simple attire and innocent expressionsare the characteristics of his work. He has romanced our famous crib in the true ageless European style.
Walter Bacher
Bacher was born on September 19th, 1908 in Brixen (South Tyrol). He apprendiced to a well-known sculptor at the age of 14. Then he attended two years of art school in Munich (Germany) and four additional years at the Academy of Art. His works are displayed in churches and museums both in Europe and Overseas. One of his famed works of art is the popular Bacher nativity scene, reproduced exclusively by the ANRI workshop.
Juan Ferrandiz
Born in Barcelona 1917, his designs and paintings hve become wourld famous within short time. The complete opus of Ferrandiz aims at creating a wolrd of love, comprehension and poetry, to unite the spirit, banish the hatred and favor peace in the world with truly honest message. His designs are beautyfully turned into wood in this magnificent crib.
Sarah Kay
As a housewive in a suburb of Sidney - Australia, Sarah Kay had always been fond of drawing. She had studied at an Art Academy and at the age of 20 she had started working for a advertising agency. Than she began to draw. She designed happy children in a peaceful environment like the one she had known herself on her grandparen'ts farm. One day she sold some of these designs to a greeting card publisher and nowadays, Sarah Kay in known all over the world.
Josef Bachlechner
Born in Bruneck (South Tyrol) in 1871, he apprenticed as a sculptor in St.Ulrich in Gardena-Italy. Then he settled in Hall in Tirol (Austria), employing about a dozen carvers and painters. For several yearshe also stayed in Rome and Munich in order to improve his abilities. Today he is considered the most famous creator or Tyrolean crib figurines in the entire Alps. Our original Bachlechner crib, carved in mountain ashwood, is a superb example.
Gunther Granget
Born in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1931, Gunther Granget is considered by critics and by collectors to be one of the world's finest animal sculptor. He was able, through the warmth and naturalness of wood, to convey to us the coherence and inter-relationship of the objects of nature which man, it semms, has lost. He created for the ANRI a series of outstanding works of art.
Carl Spitzweg
Diller Helmut
Born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1911, during his life Helmut Diller has amassed a wealth of experience as a portraitist, landscapist and wood sculptor. Many exhibitions in Europe and the U.S.A. have featured his works. His perfection in anatomy as well as natural poses are demonstrated in all of his creations, such as eagles, flamingos, deer, leoprads, cattle and horses. Many of his works have been chosen to represent the "World Wildlife Fund".
Piccolruaz Luis
Luis Piccolruaz was born in St.Ulrich (Valgardena - Italy) in 1930. He attendet the local art school and later continued his studies in Brixen with the well known master sculptor, Franz Mersa. His works have been shown in exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Austria. He was commissioned by the United Nations to create the large carving "Five Continents" which is exhibited in Montreal (Canada). The "Tyrolean Mountainer Crib" created for ANRI is an outstandin example.
Ivano collection
The artist Ivano Calcagno was born in 1963 in Albisola Superiore (Italy). He successfully finished his studies at the "Academy of Art ". One of his main devotions was the sculpting, drawing, painting and his passion to music. Ivano Calcagno created these unique childlike looks of the IVANO collection series to bring "Love to the world".
Siegfried Moroder
Siegfried Moroder was born 1911 in Ortisei - Valgardena (Italy). After attending the local Art School he continued his studies in Rome and at the Munich(Germany) Academy of fine arts. He created a great number of ecclesiastical works for churches all over Europe. His works are being shown in numerous art exhibitions.